About Netnoir

It is good to be back and online.

Most of the test on our initial site is going to be replaced. However, I felt it was important to get a bit of history of the NetNoir.com site online.

NetNoir.com was one of the first web-based sites of interest to African-Americans, and later the African Diaspora on the Internet.  The domain name itself was first registered in 1994.  As the new owners, our hope is to live up to the great legacy of those who have come before us — both online, and off.

Our current goal is to reinvigorate the Net Noir brand and become important place for dialogue on a wide-variety of issues that affect African-Americans and Black Americans. Most importantly we want feedback from all comers regardless of nationality, race, creed, ethnicity etc…the full gamut.   To paraphrase Nikki Giovanni, scared cows are edible…

You can contact the lowly admin at netnoir-admin @ kotokogroup.com — I can put you in touch with the writers and editors   We are not likely to have a “launch,” things will just gradually change over time.